Welcome to Swan Valley Weddings.

This is your how to guide to planning your Swan Valley Wedding.

Congratulations on your recent engagement or on finding us in the maze which is the interweb for some amazing content and pictures of luscious and creative Wedding Venues and Vendors.

Swan Valley Weddings is a completely free resource for Bridal couples designed to make the process of planning a Swan Valley Wedding easier and to create a memorable experience for Bridal couples and guests alike.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of planning your wedding and what to expect from our site.

The 10 Steps

  1. Get Started – first things first – let’s start an account. Once you do this you open up all the free tools that Swan Valley Weddings has to offer. Your account and all these planning tools are FREE !!
    1. Free Wedding Budget Planner – know your budget and avoid planning stress
    2. Guest List – add all your guests and all your wedding events
    3. Check List / To Do List – what to do and when – lest you forget something
    4. Vendor Manager – keep track of your venue and their requirements / payment schedules
    5. RSVP Manager – know whose coming to which event and who you need to chase up
  2. Find your perfect Swan Valley Wedding Venue
  3. View our Real Weddings and Wedding Blog for Inspiration
  4. Research your favourite Swan Valley Wedding Vendors and add them to your Wish List
  5. Message, Meet and Date your Swan Valley Venue and Vendors. Get to know them and how they work. For Venues, go and have a lunch or tasting session and walk around the vineyard. For Vendors, meet them for a coffee and tell them about your dream wedding. Remember you will need to spend a whole day with these people and they will help you create magic so make sure you like them.
  6. Start working through your Check List
  7. Have an amazing wedding full of fun and memories. (Remember to take 5 minutes away as a couple, on your own and talk about the day so far and what’s to come. The day moves so fast that it’s a good idea to pause, reflect and remember what’s happening. It’s your moment, make sure you live in it.)
  8. Have a honeymoon because you deserve it!
  9. Post your photos on Swan Valley Weddings and help other brides with their journey. Review your venue and vendors and share your stories.
  10. Enjoy the good life.

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