What’s a Wedding Email Address? And do I need one?

So everyone is talking about having a wedding email address and you don’t have one. So what are they and why do people have them?

A wedding email address is a handy tool for planning a wedding for two main reasons.

  1. They store all your wedding correspondence and info in one place. This is particularly great when you want to quickly check what that vendor said or what that gorgeous package included.
  2. At the end of your wedding all that annoying spam and those follow up emails asking for referrals go some where safe, not to your work email when you’re on leave and your boss is snooping again.

OK – so you’re in. What’s the next step? Well that’s up to you, and like your wedding day is uniquely yours to do your way.

You can either go all out and think up a super cool, trendy #hashtag and matching email address, or just do you and call it Tom and Sarah@google and keep it personal. Like all things wedding it’s your to do as you wish but it makes a handy start to your wedding and it can be used to Get Started at Swan Valley Weddings , invite guests to your wedding and everything wedding related.

Handy Websites to create a Wedding Email Address or #Hastag generators

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