You just got engaged — congratulations! Next, you want to make your wedding day unforgettable.
For a start, all the big and small moments matter when it comes to getting married. And there is no better way to capture these events than to film or photograph them.

But do you need to hire a wedding videographer? Is a photographer not enough?
Well, candid and emotional storytelling is more than recording the wedding day — it is about the people, their laughter, tears, dialogue, and unsaid words.

Without a videographer, some crucial elements may be missed. Still not sure?
Come along as we explore why you need a wedding videographer.
What is the difference between a Wedding Photographer and a Videographer?
Ever seen those fun loving wedding photos or videos on Facebook and Instagram? You could get all the real, raw moments of your wedding with a professional videographer and photographer. But did you know they work differently? Understanding what each creative brings helps you tie loose ends and minimise surprises. Plus, you would want to know if you need them both on your big day.

So here are four ways a wedding videographer and photographer differ.

Photographers have more creative direction than videographers
Wedding videographers generally shoot using a documentary style. This approach means they catch those in between moments instead of asking you to pose. In other words, you see people being themselves.
On the other hand, a photographer has more leeway in directing the actions. They may organise the guests into groups, ask the wedding couple to pose, or purely capture people as the day unfolds.

Videographers work in larger teams than photographers
Since wedding videographers have limited creative direction, they must use different angles to craft an engaging story. Also, there is motion, voice recording, and video production. All these aspects mean that you may need more than one videographer for a seamless process.

Videography needs more advanced equipment than photography
Camera, lighting, and go! That is all a photographer needs to make your celebration stunning. Straightforward, right?
But given that videos come in motion and audio, a videographer needs more sophisticated tools for a well
thought out story. We are talking about multiple video cameras, lighting, microphones, audio cables,
headphones, gimbals, tripods and more!

Wedding Photographers have “less” workload than videographers
Artists go through several processes before and after the wedding day. A photographer, for example, plans, shoots, and edits the images before you receive the gallery.
In addition to these steps, a videographer may add music, special effects, and sound effects to express the story more candidly. Also, they need to work with timings to make the video smooth.
See the difference?

Now let us see why you may want to hire a wedding videographer.
Why do you need to book a Wedding Videographer?
We get it — getting married feels like breaking the bank. So you want to keep your budget tight. But you may still want a comprehensive checklist that makes the day memorable.
An excellent way to strike a balance is to develop a top ten list of non-negotiables.
One such insight from research shows that 98% of recently wedded individuals recommend filming your wedding.
Because 75% of them regret not doing so.
And what is the basis of their regrets?
Read on…
Films tell your story eloquently

Savi Sharma said, “Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books, and some are confined to their hearts.”
So why confine a beautiful romantic story?
If you plan to have a wedding, you are already a step ahead in sharing your tale. A professional videographer will blend the love you have for each other, setting, and company of your nearest and dearest. Now that’s something that a photo cannot achieve.

Wedding videos help you relive the memories
After the dance is over and the wedding dress is tucked away, what remains are the memories. But these
memories get fuzzy over time.
Wedding films unwrap the raw emotions and details of that eventful day whenever you want to reminisce.
Think of how special your anniversaries would feel when the video awakens your wedding day goosebumps! Or the warm smile when kids see how you did your thing! Hearing the voices of people you don’t get to see everyday… adding picture with sound creates context and gives a whole new meaning to “memories captured” from the day.

Videos help you catch up with what you missed
Picture this. The day is busy, tons of intense emotions are running within you, and all eyes are on you. Naturally, your focus is divided, and you may miss some life-defining moments.
Did you see the loved one who teared when you said ‘I do’? What about your grandma’s laughter during the speeches?
These details make a wedding emotional and meaningful.
So it makes sense to book a videographer to capture all the special moments in between. After the day is done, your treasure is wrapped and stored just for you in a wedding film!
Sharing is caring
Social media helps us share unforgettable moments with loved ones worldwide. In one simple click, you can share all the good times from your wedding day with your family and friends.
Or, you can send the video as a special gift to your granny who could not make it to your wedding day.
Such thoughtful gestures can only create stronger bonds with your family and friends. Go ahead and invest in a wedding videographer — make an amazing video to remember forever!

A wedding film is an integral part of your wedding day — it holds memories that will last a lifetime.

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